General terms and conditions for ticket purchases at North Jutland Museums

1. General information

At the North Jutland Museums we mainly sell tickets for our own events, but we also arrange the sale of tickets for external organisers. The name of the organiser of each individual event is stated on our website and on your ticket. If an event is offered by an external organiser, the organiser is solely responsible for the holding and content of the event, and the North Jutland Museums cannot be made responsible for neither the content nor any cancellation that may occur.

For select events we arrange the sale of additional products such as books and merchandise – and food and beverages at the event itself. Additional products are mainly sold from our website.

The present document contains the terms and conditions which generally apply to the purchase of tickets, additional products, gift vouchers and club cards, and for visits to our locations. Special conditions for the individual event will appear from our website.

When you shop at our website or ticket office, you accept the conditions stated in this document. If you cannot accept the general terms and conditions stated, you should not make a purchase.

2. Tickets

Tickets can be bought as digital tickets or physical tickets. You must carry a ticket that can be scanned by our staff at the meeting place/entrance in order to get access to an event. You may print your digital ticket on paper and carry this or present your ticket on your smartphone.

A ticket gives access for one person to the event for which the ticket was purchased. The date and time of the event appear both on the ticket and during the purchasing process.

If you lose your ticket before an event, you should first check your mailbox to find a digital copy. If you do not find the ticket, you should contact the museum at Tel No +45 99 31 74 00 well in advance of the date and time of the event. The museum can then resend the ticket. At the same time, the lost ticket will be cancelled. You must accept that in this connection, the Museum may ask you for necessary personal identification information. We cannot guarantee that a replacement/new ticket can be forwarded to you. It is your own responsibility to keep your ticket safe until the event is being held.

Tickets are transferable, unless it is stated on the ticket that it is personal and non-transferable. Tickets must not be resold to a price above face value, cf. section 1 (1) of the Danish Ticket Resale Act. Moreover, tickets must not, without our written permission, be offered for competitions, sold or in any other way transferred in connection with commercial activity.

Tickets must not be copied or in any other way be used more than once. The North Jutland Museums are not responsible for the validity of tickets that were not bought through our ticket sales system or for the fraudulent use of tickets, if for instance several tickets with the same bar code were printed, the bar code was not issued by the North Jutland Museums, or the ticket is used by another person than it was intended for. If it is found that an attempt at fraudulent use has been made, the North Jutland Museums reserve the right to report the case to the Danish Police.

We recommend that you only shop on our website, in our museum shop or though a sales link from our website to our third-party business partners; this is in order to ensure the validity and prices of the tickets, and in order to enable us to keep you informed in the best possible way of any changes to or cancellations of events.

3. Accessibility

In general, we welcome users of wheelchairs, walking frames, prams and similar devices to our events and museums. However, as some of our museums are located in old buildings, and as some of our events are for instance town walks in cobbled streets, we recommend that you study the information on our website about the access conditions and accessibility of the individual locations and events.  We also recommend that you study the information regarding handicap toilets, assistance dogs and free access for the companion of a companion card holder.

4. Terms for participation and security

Terms and conditions for participation in tours at the North Jutland Museums: 

  • Smoking is forbidden in all buildings belonging to the Museum. 
  • You must always follow the guidelines and instructions given by our staff – if you do not do so, you may be requested to leave immediately.
  • Late-comers will not be accepted on our tours. Tickets of late-comers will not be refunded.
  • Pet animals are not allowed (guide and assistance dogs are welcome, however not inside the REGAN Vest bunker).

Special conditions applying to REGAN Vest:

  • The visitors centre/exhibition building at REGAN Vest is fully accessible for wheelchair users etc. However, the master machinist’s house and the bunker are not. These stand as authentic time capsules and were not built to meet the accessibility requirements of the present time.
  • You are not allowed to take photographs.
  • You should arrive no later than 15 minutes before the stipulated starting time of the tour.
  • Animals are not allowed on the tours – this also applies to guide and assistance dogs.
  • You must not bring any bags into the bunker or the master machinist’s house. A number of lockers are available for your bags etc.
  • Before each tour, it is obligatory for participants to attend a safety instruction talk. Participants who do not attend the safety instruction talk, will not be allowed into the bunker for safety reasons.  In such cases paid tickets will not be refunded.

Dismissal of guests 

We reserve the right to dismiss guests who do not attend the safety instruction talk. We also reserve the right to dismiss guests who are visibly affected by alcohol and/or euphoriants and guests who do not comply with the guidelines and instructions given by or staff, and guests who are a danger to themselves and to others.

We strictly emphasise that in the case of dismissal, paid tickets will not be refunded.

5. Food and beverages

When the North Jutland Museums arrange for the sale of food and beverages, this is in collaboration with an external business partner, and the Museum is not responsible for the delivery or quality of the products sold.

In other words, the transaction is between our business partner and you as a customer, which means that any complaint or claim etc. regarding the food or beverages is an issue between you and the business partner and not the responsibility of the Museum.

6. No withdrawal or returning right for tickets and other goods

There is no withdrawal right for the purchase of tickets, food and beverages or other goods; this applies whether your purchase was made from our website or from our museum shop, cf. section 18 (2) (IV) and (XII) of the Danish Consumer Agreement Act.

The Museum will not refund tickets, and the Museum will not exchange tickets for another event or another time unless in cases where the Museum finds itself compelled to cancel an event (see paragraph 10).

Special rules apply to sale through our business partners and to group tickets for groups of more than ten people (See paragraph 7.a).

7. Purchase and delivery

7.a Purchase

Loose sale:

You pay for your purchases when you book. Your purchase is binding from the moment we receive and register your payment. Communication regarding electronic payment is encrypted. Information concerning your payment card is sent directly to the card acquirer (Nets). Once you have paid, you will receive electronic confirmation of your booking in an email to the email address given in your booking. It is up to you to react if you do not receive confirmation or if the confirmation details are not consistent with your booking.

Special rules for group tickets:

It is possible to book one or several group tickets. One group ticket is valid for ten people, which corresponds to one tour. It is possible to book several group tickets.

If you wish to book group tickets for tours, you must send your inquiry using the form in the North Jutland Museums’ website. The form content is an inquiry, not a booking.

Once an agreement has been made with the North Jutland Museums regarding the booking of tickets for tours or events, booking confirmation and an electronic invoice or a payment link will be forwarded to you by email. Payment must take place no later than 30 days before the event takes place, or the tickets will be lost. All amounts stated are in Danish kroner (DKK).

If a customer cancels their booking after an agreement has been made, the customer must pay a percentage of the amount paid for the booking they cancelled. The percentages are as follows:

  • 30 days before the event – no fee
  • 29 to 7 days before the event – 50% of the amount must be paid
  • less than 7 days before the event – 100% of the amount must be paid

The ticket booking fee will not be refunded.

7.b Delivery:

Once you have made a purchase, we ask you to check if the amount taken from your bank account is correct – particularly if any doubt arises as to whether a purchase has been completed, e.g. if a a fault is reported in our website after the purchase was made and before the receipt page was shown.

We deliver digital tickets to the email address given by you during the purchasing process/when booking or as printed paper tickets if you shop in our museum shop and wish to receive physical tickets.

If you have not received a receipt email in your mailbox within 24 hours after your purchase, you should contact the museum at Tel. +45 99 31 74 00. Before you contact us, we ask you to check if the receipt or your tickets have ended up in your spam filter.

When you receive your tickets, we ask you to check if all the information stated is correct. If the information does not comply with your purchase, you should contact us at Tel. +45 99 31 74 00.

The rules on deficiencies stated in the Danish Sale of Goods Act apply to all purchases made with us.

7.c Gift vouchers:

Gift vouchers may be bought at the North Jutland Museums.  The gift voucher is a proof of value, and the value is the amount stated on the voucher. The gift voucher is a holder proof. Lost vouchers will not be replaced.

Vouchers issued by the North Jutland Museums may be used for different event types, e.g. town walks and tours. Vouchers may be used for purchasing tickets in the Museum’s website. Vouchers cannot be used for purchases in our webshop.

The voucher value or any remaining credit cannot be redeemed in cash. Remaining credit can be used as part payment for another event, or as payment for goods in one of our museum shops.

Purchased gift vouchers cannot be returned for a refund.

The gift voucher expires three years from the date of issue.

8. Ticket booking and delivery fees

The North Jutland Museums charge a ticket booking fee of DKK 10 for each ticket sold.

If the Museum cancels an event and decides to refund tickets, the fee will not be refunded.

9. Changes of events

In certain cases, we or an external organiser may need to change an event after the tickets for the event have been put up for sale. Changes may affect:

  • the content of an event
  • the date or time of an event
  • the practical circumstances applying to the event.

We reserve the right to make changes to our events, and in such cases, this will not constitute failure to perform our contractual obligations, deficiencies or cancellation of the event.

If changes to an event affect the starting time of the event, the Museum reserves the right to announce a new starting time no later than 24 hours in advance, provided the event is rescheduled to take place no more than two hours before or after the original starting time.

If the event is rescheduled to take place more than two hours or several days before or after the original time, customers may choose to receive a refund of the amount paid for their tickets, or to have their tickets exchanged for tickets to the rescheduled event.

When changes occur, customers are not entitled to anything but the above, and no indirect costs will not be covered. 

10. Cancellation of events

If we or an external organiser are unable to run an event, the event will be cancelled. Depending on the circumstances, cancellation may occur up to the starting time of the event. Cancellation may be caused by illness or technical problems.

The North Jutland Museums do not refund tickets for events organised by an external organiser. It is up to the external organiser to do so.

If an event organised by the Museum is cancelled, your ticket price will be refunded by us. However, tickets will not be refunded if the cancellation is caused by force majeure, or if the cancellation occurs to ensure the safety of our guests and staff, and we consider that the only way to keep our guests and staff safe is by cancellation.

If an event can be run with a limited audience, the event will be cancelled for the remaining guests, who will then receive a refund of their tickets.

If the Museum cancels an event and decides to refund tickets, the fee will not be refunded.

11. Annulment of tickets

We reserve the right to annul tickets issued if some mistake caused the ticket to be issued, or if the ticket became invalid at a later stage, e.g. due to cancellation of an event or replacement of a lost ticket.

12. Communication and information

In order to deliver the best service in connection with ticket purchase and events, we communicate with you digitally by email or sometimes by text message. We therefore recommend that you update your user profile with us, or, alternatively, contact us if you change your email address or telephone number during the period between your ticket purchase and the event; this will enable us to keep you updated in the best possible way about your event.

We will do our very best to contact you and inform you of any changes or cancellations. Sometimes we may not be able to make contact to all ticket-holders for an event. As it is your own responsibility to keep informed of the date and time of an event and of any cancellation of the event, we recommend that you check the event information on our website regularly and on the day of the event.

At the same time, you accept that we use your contact information for contact and/or marketing purposes as regards other products offered by the Museum, and also as regards any of the Museum’s business partners.

13. Limitation of liability

We do not assume responsibility for any indirect loss you may suffer in case of changes to the date or time of an event or if an event is cancelled. We are therefore not liable for any travel or accommodation expenses you may have in connection with an event.

External organisers carry the full responsibility for events organised by them, and we are not responsible in any way to the ticket holder regarding the reconstruction of an external organiser, suspension of payments, bankruptcy or cancellation of events. Moreover, we are not responsible for any other deficiencies or complaints concerning an event or other goods you may have purchased from an external organiser.

We disclaim any errors that may appear in the information about our events in our printed programmes and in our website, social media, newsletters etc. Also, some events may be sold out even if this does not appear from our website.

When you attend our events, you do so on your own responsibility and at your own risk. No compensation or refund of ticket or similar compensation will be given to guests who suffer injuries or other accidents that render it impossible for the customer to attend the full event. Guests who attend our outdoor events, a tour of REGAN Vest or similar events do so on their own responsibility and at their own risk. This may require that individual guests pay special attention to safety conditions, challenging terrain and access conditions. The North Jutland Museum can never be held responsible for bodily injury or similar accidents in connection with attendance of an event.

14. Customer service and complaints

If you have any questions or complaints regarding events held by the North Jutland Museums or regarding events held by external actors through which we have sold tickets, you should contact the Museum by email [email protected] or Tel. +45 99 31 74 00.

Consumers who do not succeed in reaching a solution to a complaint may submit a written complaint to the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority’s Centre for Complaints Solution/Consumers’ Complaints Board at Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby, Denmark.  You may submit your complaint using the complaint portal of the Danish Appeals Boards Authority at

You may also submit your complaint using the EU Commission’s online complaints portal. This is of particular relevance for consumers who are residents of another EU country. You can submit your complaint at When submitting a complaint, you must state our email address [email protected].

15. Protection of personal information and data security

When you book with us, we process your information. This is to enable us to deliver tickets and services to you. All email communication with you is stored and documented in this connection. We only transfer personal data to our systems suppliers in accordance with the legal regulations in force, adopted data processing agreements or data processing terms.

According to the General Data Protection Regulation and the Danish Data Protection Act, you are entitled, upon request, to receive all information we have stored on you. You are also entitled to request that we delete your information from our systems. For further information, you may study our Data and Privacy Policy in our website.

16. Updating of general terms and conditions

We regularly update our general terms and conditions, for instance when technical changes occur, new business models are introduced, or relevant legal requirements and rules are modified. The terms and conditions applicable at any time are available on our website.

The above terms and regulations were most recently updated on 1 March 2023.