Cold War Museum REGAN Vest

Cold War Museum REGAN Vest

The museum is open only to visitors on pre-booked guided tours.

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The main attraction is the REGAN Vest bunker facility, which is hidden 60 meters beneath a limestone hill and was constructed secretly in the 1960s. It was designed to accommodate the government, officials, and the reigning monarch in case of a nuclear war – totaling approximately 350 people. The 5,500 square metres bunker remains untouched and is fully furnished with all original interior intact.

The entrance is concealed by a yellow brick villa. This is where the master machinist lived, who had daily oversight of the bunker. The villa is furnished as it could have appeared in the 1980s, allowing visitors to explore the family’s home and experience daily life during the Cold War.

In addition to the bunker and master machinist’s house, the Cold War Museum REGAN Vest consists of a new building with a café and exhibitions that narrate Denmark’s history during the Cold War.

During the guided tour in the bunker facility REGAN Vest, you will see, among other things, the government’s situation room, the monarch’s room, the lounge, and the cafeteria. Please note that the bunker can only be visited on pre-booked guided tours.
Except during exercises, only few people entered the bunker on a daily basis. The master machinist was one of them. He lived with his family in the house in front of the en­trance to the bunker. Their home has now been fitted up as it might have looked in 1980, and visitors may ex­plore it and get a wonderful nostalgic experience of a not very distant past.
The exhibition gives you a close insight into the every­day lives of people in Den­mark during the cold war period and their fear of a nuclear war. It tells the story of political tensions but also of the vast secret preparedness system set up to protect the population in case of war. The exhibition also tells you about the bun­ker and how it operated.


Coffee, cake and a limited selection of sandwiches and open-faced sandwiches can be purchased at the café while supplies last. It’s advisable to order your food when purchasing your ticket or via your receipt at least five days before your visit.

Walk paths

Take a walk on the paths in the area above the bunker. This will give you an idea of the size of the bunker, and the paths also lead you past different trac­es of the bunker in the landscape, exhaust towers and emergency exits, for instance.


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