Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I purchase a ticket when I arrive at the museum?
Unfortunately not. There is limited capacity in the bunker facility, and it is not possible to admit everyone without prior booking. Therefore, you must book a ticket online before your visit.
Purchase your ticket here.

What is the accessibility/conditions for handicapped individuals, those with mobility issues, and children?
The building with the café, shop, and exhibition has an accessible restroom and good conditions for those with mobility impairments.

However, the bunker facility is not wheelchair accessible, and wheelchairs, walkers, strollers, or service dogs are unfortunately not allowed due to stairs and narrow corridors.
The bunker tour covers 2 km and lasts 1.5 hours without the opportunity to rest along the way. For safety reasons, all visitors must be able to complete the tour on foot without assistance. Babies in carriers are not allowed. Additionally, children under the age of 12 years must always be accompanied by a guardian in the facility, with a maximum of one child per guardian. We do not recommend that children under the age of 12 years participate, as the exhibition and subject matter are geared towards an adult audience.

The Master Machinist’s House and the terrain paths are not wheelchair, walker, or stroller accessible.

Service dogs are allowed everywhere except in the bunker facility.

How do I purchase a ticket with a companion card?
When booking tickets online, it is possible to book a free companion ticket. Remember to bring the companion card on the day of your tour.

We are more than ten people. How can I purchase additional tickets for the same tour?
You cannot. There is only room for ten people on a tour. In the ticket system, you can purchase up to ten regular tickets per tour. If you need more tickets, you must buy tickets for additional tours.

Is it possible to get a refund or exchange tickets?
It is unfortunately not possible to get a refund or exchange tickets purchased in regular sales. Read the general terms for tickets purchased from North Jutland Museums here.

Can I be put on a waiting list? There are no tickets available for the day I wish to come visit.
Unfortunately, we cannot manage waiting lists.

“Severe weather has been forecasted” – will my tour be canceled?
We follow the authorities’ instructions and cancel tours if Nordjyllands Politi (the North Jutland Police) advise against all unnecessary travel. In that case, we will contact you as soon as possible and refund your tickets.

How can I make payment?
When purchasing tickets online, payment is made by credit card. Larger groups, associations, etc., have the option to receive an invoice and/or pay via EAN number.

I lost my ticket – what should I do?
If you have lost your ticket, you can download it again from your order confirmation. If you no longer have that email, you can contact the museum well in advance of the event by phone at +45 99 31 74 00. We can cancel the original ticket and send a new one. In this regard, you accept that Nordjyske Museer (North Jutland Museums) may require identification and verification to a reasonable extent. Resending cannot be guaranteed. It is your responsibility to keep your ticket until the event.

Before the Visit

When should I arrive?
You can visit the exhibition building and the Master Machinist’s house both before and after your bunker tour. However, the bunker tour begins precisely at the time specified on your ticket, and it is not possible to join later. Therefore, arrive at least fifteen minutes before.

What about parking?
There are limited parking spaces at the Cold War Museum REGAN Vest, and caravans cannot be brought in. You can book a free parking ticket in connection with your ticket purchase, which provides access to the parking lot. However, we cannot guarantee parking for everyone, so we encourage carpooling.

You can find your parking ticket by clicking on “Go to receipt” and then “Retrieve products,” where you can see the daily access code that you need to enter at the entrance to the parking lot.

What does the museum consist of?
The Cold War Museum REGAN Vest comprises several elements. A ticket for the bunker tour also grants access to the exhibitions and the Master Machinist’s House, which can be visited both before and after your guidet tour. Using the walking paths in the terrain above the bunker is free.

Can I view the museum’s exhibition without purchasing a bunker tour?
No, unfortunately. Currently, it is not possible to see the exhibition or visit the Master Machinist’s house without purchasing a ticket for a bunker tour.

If you approach via main road 180 and turn onto Røde Møllevej, there is a maximum height of 3.90 meters at the viaduct under the main road. If the bus is taller, it is recommended to drive via Oplev. Drop-off and pick-up of guests are possible in the museum’s parking lot. However, there is only one designated parking space for buses at the museum. Therefore, we recommend bus parking at RebildPorten, approximately 2 km from the museum.

During the Tour

Can I take photographs in the bunker?
No, unfortunately. Photography is allowed in the exhibitions and the Master Machinist’s house, but due to the flow of the guidet tours, it is not permitted to take photographs in the bunker.

How long is the tour?
The bunker tour itself lasts approximately 1.5 hours and covers about 2 km. We recommend practical footwear and a jacket as the temperature is low.

Can I use the restroom during the tour?
No, unfortunately. It is not possible to use the restrooms in the bunker. You can use the restroom in the exhibition building before the tour begins.


Can I purchase food in the cafe?
If you wish to dine in the museum cafe, it is advisable to pre-order your meal in connection with your ticket purchase or subsequently via the “Add-Ons” link on your receipt email, at least five days before your visit. The food is sourced from an external supplier and is not prepared in the cafe.
It is possible to buy hot and cold drinks as well as various pastries without a pre-order. A limited selection of sandwiches and open-faced sandwiches can also be purchased in the cafe, subject to availability.
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Am I allowed to eat my own packed food in the museum cafe?
No, unfortunately. Food must be purchased in the cafe and it is recommended to pre-order it in advance via your receipt email, at least five days before your tour.