Aggersborg – the landscape of power

Aggersborg is the oldest of the Viking Age ring fortresses. Built on a hillside at one of the narrowest places in the Limfjord, it appeared markedly in the landscape as an impressive building that could be seen from far away. Aggersborg stands out by being significantly larger than the other four Danish ring fortresses, which must be due to its strategic location at the time’s most important traffic nerve, the Limfjord. From the castle, the traffic and trade between east and west, north and south could be controlled. Both on land and at sea. In addition, Norway was short sailing distance from Aggersborg via the nature channel Sløjen, which ended up in the North Sea.

Unlike the other ring fortresses, Aggersborg has both a well-documented past and, not least, posterity. Before the fortress was built, there was a lively trading place with a noble man’s manor. After the ring castle decayed, the area was transferred to a royal estate, and the present listed manor, Aggersborggård, constitutes the last part of Aggersborg’s long history.

Experience the magnificent view of the landscape and the Limfjord, take a walk on the recreated rampart, where Aggersborggård is passed, and visit the small exhibition house. During the summer holidays, the museum’s guides are to be found on the site, and the last weekend in August each year a Viking craftsmen marked is held. Also go digitally with the ‘Aggersborg’ app, where the fortress is digitally recreated, or take a guided tour with the app ‘StoryHunt’. Both are available in App Store and Google Play.

Additional info: Vesthimmerlands Museum