Trelleborg – the world of the Viking warrior

At least 500 of Harald Bluetooth’s warriors fortified the Viking fortress Trelleborg. Trelleborg included an inner ring fortress with palisade and rampart, moat, bridge, gates, crossroads, 16 longhouses in four blocks, as well as an outer fort with 15 longhouses and a burial ground.

Traces of battle have been found at Trelleborg. Gates are burned, arrows are shot into the rampart. There have been many weapons findings and three mass graves have been found with a total of 20 graves. One mass grave contained remains of ten people – probably younger men between the ages of 20 and 35 – one of whom had had a leg cut off above the knee. Maybe the warriors died during a battle. Although there is a predominance of younger men in the graves, middle-aged men, women, and children are also buried in the graveyard. Analyses have shown that Danish, Norwegian and Slavic warrior families have lived on Trelleborg. In addition to the many weapons, jewellery and tool finds, Denmark’s only round shield of wood from the Viking Age is found at Trelleborg.

Today, the museum offers exhibitions indoor and outdoor, a shop and café, the Viking village Slagløse and a recreated longhouse, which is one of the world’s oldest reconstructions.

Experience children’s activities, re-enactments and experimental archaeology through the Viking Summer and the annual Viking Festival.

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